Although his music may not sell quite as much as it used to, 50 Cent has devised a wide variety of ways to make money regardless. Now, the G-Unit general is preparing to break ground on a new cell phone venture.

50’s long-time manager Chris Lighty recently spoke to Billboard about the Queens rapper’s new deal with UberMedia to launch Uber50, a custom theme available to users of of UberMedia’s Blackberry-based Twitter app UberSocial. Lighty explained that the deal actually came about at a time when UberMedia’s future in the Twitter sphere looked most dubious.

“[The deal between 50 and UberMedia] was [struck] during the period that Uber got locked out of Twitter and got fined,” Lighty said. “[50] had to use a different app. He was one of them [going crazy] and one of the more vocal [ones.] Uber saw that and contacted us.”

Lighty also indicated that 50 Cent plans to expand his brand futher into the health foods market. In addition to his lucrative deal with Vitamin Water, 50 plans to lauch a vitamin supplement company that cater to stores like GNC. 

“We’re working on a new supplement company,” he said. “We’re going to build new supplements cause it’s a big opportunity like Vitamin Water was. We want to market and promote it when we put out 50’s album. There are different options of penetration for supplements through music; like going to GNC [for] protein shakes, vitamins, [etc.]. No beverage. When you go to a vitamin shop, there’s no one of pop culture [representing], it’s mostly muscle heads. We’ll cut through the clutter with 50 in the store saying, ‘You want to be 10% of me so take what I’m taking.'”

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