Things are real out here these days. We’ve got friends in the Missouri and Memphis areas covered in the sludge of recent floods. So while we can’t get that FEMA check out any faster, throwing some change at the charity of our choosing and sending some condolences out don’t seem to be cutting it. During times like this you hope your favorite albums are still dry, no matter what format they’re in. And as always, we try to point folks to the direction of the funniest stuff around the Internet to lighten the mood. On a parting note, shouts out to Cormega for his recent charity work in Haiti to go along with the “I Made A Difference” project. And now, without further delay or soapbox rhetoric, on to today’s Loose Links.

“Getting’ waxed all through the drive thru / Take the stand / Throw my hand up on the Bible / And tell lies too…”

Back in February, Ghostface Killah posted some not so safe for work Valentine’s Day advice via his Twitter feed. The posts have since been deleted, but if you weren’t one of the people to catch Starks’ sage advice about romantic vacations, slow jams and the art of cunilingus, the tweets live on thanks to A.V. Club, New York magazine and a few other online posts. Rumor has it, that Ghost was assigned a media training coach after a few higher ups caught wind of the since deleted posts. And in the June issue of GQ, Lauren Bans transcribed part of her interview for the job of Ghostface’s media assistant. It sounds legit, but even if it’s not, it may be the funniest read since Ghost’s original tweets. If you fall outside of the GQ target demographic, or are just too cheap to cough up five bucks, check it out below.

Read GQ’s “Enter The Intern.”

“So I JFK / Joined forces with the kings and we ate all day…”

Rick Ross’ successful recruitment of Wale, Pill and Meek Mill may end up being one of 2011’s top news stories. The deciding factor will likely be next week’s sales tally of Maybach Music’s Self Made Vol.1 album. In the meantime, Mr. Folarin, Pill-ton Bradley and “Mr. Philadelphia” give a rundown of how they linked up with Ross. Aside from the obvious meetings at King of Diamonds, there are interesting bits about Pill chilling with Ross since “Super High” and Wale’s plans for two projects in 2011.

Read “Wale, Pill, and Meek Mill on Maybach Music Group’s Master Plan” at

“Where you been playa it’s been a while / Marinatin’ / Accumulating paper pal…”

Do you remember Ms Dynamite? Around 2003, she was touted as the pre-Estelle, UK version of a rhyming and singing Lauryn Hill. And much like L-Boogie, after a chart topping, critically acclaimed debut, she pretty much voluntarily disappeared from the scene. It’s been eight years since, “It Takes More” dropped, but Ms Dynamite gave the details of her return to the music world with the UK’s Guardian. Even if you’re not a fan, the alleged police assault and high-speed racecar crash make for the stuff of legend.

Read “Ms Dynamite’s Back With A Bang” at The Guardian.

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