Shortly after the release of JadakissI Love You mixtape the New York rapper hit the airwaves for an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. In his interview with Whoo Kid, Jadakiss spoke on everything from his latest projects to Osama bin Laden.

Jadakiss’ latest mixtape I Love You, which he referred to as the “hors d’oeuvre” to his upcoming album Top 5 Dead Or Alive, was released earlier this week on Sunday, May 22. The mixtape features appearances from Fred The Godson, Rick Ross, Teyana Taylor and Trae The Truth an artist Jadakiss has known since his days at Bad Boy.

“Trae is my homie. I been connecting with Trae for years,” Jadakiss explained. “Since the first Bad Boy album. Whenever we went to Houston he always came through and held us down, took us around the town, and made sure we was good so that’s just my brother from down there.”

Jadakiss also spoke on working with Sha Money XL now that he’s signed to Def Jam.

“Sha Money is good money for me. He’s somebody that understands my music so it’s not hard to work with him,” said Jadakiss. “It ain’t like when I’m speaking to him he’s blind to the Jadakiss catalogue or who I am as an emcee so it’s easy to talk to him. I can relate to him then he can go back to the other people and explain it [in] politically correct terms.”

Aside from speaking on music DJ Whoo Kid and Jadakiss also discussed the recent death of Osama bin Laden.

“I don’t really try and get too tied up with that shit. For the people that lost loved ones and was hurt by 9/11 if they can get some closure in that that’s a good thing for them. Beautiful that they can move on with they life man,” Jadakiss explained. “The firefighters and what not, whoever was hurt. It’s a good thing. I ain’t with rubbing it on ‘em though. Cause at any given time they can hit something: the bridges, the trains.”

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