In 2001, Jay-Z released “Renegade” featuring Eminem off of The Blueprint, serving as one of the standout cuts from the album. But what most listeners may not know is that the record was originally a collaboration between him and Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9”.

Em, who produced the cut, recorded the track with Nickel Nine before passing it off to Jay. “That record was actually made… We were starting to make that record. It was a situation where Jay had called me and I had another record that I wanted to present to him,” he told MTV News’ Sway. “At the time, we were recording on two-inch reels. What happened was there was a beat that I had an idea for me and Jay to do a song together. But the reel with the beat on it was in L.A., and I was in Detroit and Jay was on a deadline.” 

Instead of whipping up a new beat, Em took out Royce’s verse to make room for Jay. “I kind of approached Jay like, ‘Yo what about this record? I already have this, it’s already here.’ And he was working a deadline. He was working on a real short window of time to get it done, so that was kind of how that record came about,” he continued. “I actually sent him the track and he put his verses on there and sent it back and I mixed it.”

Em and Royce are currently prepping the release of their collaboration as Bad Meets Evil titled Hell: The Sequel, dropping June 14th.

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