After speaking on the Common/White House controversy earlier this week with MTV News, Queens rapper Nas once again gave a little political commentary during an interview with Billboard.

In his interview Nas spoke on former president George Bush and how he seemed to have disappeared once his last presidential term was over.

“Where’s Bush? I been thinking we should see more George Bush, right now. He should be talking more. He should be standing next to Barack more. He should just be talking to the American people that he was once leading. I don’t hear anything,” Nas explained to Billboard. “It’s like someone who got away with something and doesn’t want to show his face anymore. Or is it just that it’s just no joke being a president and he needs a long vacation right now and he’s staying away from cameras. But the bin Laden situation is something that I thought maybe we’d see Bush talk. I kind of would like to hear what he’d have to say about it.”

On a lighter note Nas spoke on the impact of the late Bob Marley and how he’s proved to be a “great inspiration” to the rapper.

“Bob Marley’s impact is unmatched by any artist, ever. He stands alone like Beethoven. Like Stevie Wonder. Like Michael Jackson. He owns his block. There’s been nothing like him. There will be nothing like him,” said Nas. “And we don’t’ realize how old Bob would have been [if] he was alive today. He probably would have been what 70-something? But his music is timeless and it’s been a great inspiration to me and I had the honor to work with his kids: Damian, Stephen Marley, and meet a lot of his children.”

Nas also shared that he plans on working with Damian Marley on yet another project. In May 2010, the two artists released the joint album Distant Relatives.  

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