Political action group We Are Change recently caught up Prodigy of Mobb Deep to discuss his often incendiary political opinions. P explained that it was the works of religious leader Dr. Malachi Z. York that first introduced him to theories on the New World Order. 

“The main thing that woke me up to [the New World] was Dr. [Malachi Z.] York, a spiritual teacher from Brooklyn,” P explained. “He had over a whole community over…on Bushwick Avenue called the Ansaru Allah community. They were real heavy into studying the origins of religions, of cultures, of politics – the origins of everything. That’s how you really get to the bottom of things, when you study the origins of it. So that’s how I learned, reading his books.”

Prodigy then discussed the upcoming 2012 presidential election. He says that he supports Republican candidate and member of the House of Representatives for Texas Ron Paul, although he believes that the powers that be will not allow someone as politically controversial as Rep. Paul to win the election.

“I love Ron Paul,” he said. “I love what he represents. I read his books while I was locked up, End the Fed and all that. I would like to see [him win the presidential election] because I would like to see him shake things up a little bit. I like that type of shit. Shake these people up a little something, we need that out here…But let’s be clear, that’s not happening. They’re not going to let him win. I wish him the most success. I hope he does win, to tell you the truth, but they’re not going to let that man win. Whatever they’ve got planned and all this shit they’ve got planned for us, this is how it’s going down. Only God’s going to stop this.”

Prodigy also weighed in on the recent news that U.S. Forces had killed leader of the Taliban Osama bin Laden in his Pakistan compound. P said that although he hasn’t had much time to research the subject, he remains skeptical that bin Laden is actually dead.

“I’ve been working so hard since I’ve been home, I really haven’t been paying too much attention to it, but I can tell you from all my years of studying that I don’t believe nothing that [the government] say[s about Osama bin Laden’s death],” he said. “He’s probably alive chilling…If you ask me, my best opinion would be to say that he’s alive still. That’s a bunch of bullshit.”

The full interview can be seen below