Hip-hop runs in Doug E. Fresh‘s family. The hip-hop veteran’s sons, 22-year-old Dayquan “Slim” Davis and 20-year-old Solomon “Trips” Davis, have joined forces as the rap group Square Off, taking inspiration from their father’s generation of rappers including Grandmaster Caz, DJ Hollywood and Big Daddy Kane.

My pops had us around these guys and it was crazy to have conversations with Hollywood and Caz. It was like being a skateboarder and meeting the dude that created the skateboard,” Slim told DNAInfo.com. “We got to rap with Big Daddy Kane. A lot of new school artists copy his flow but don’t know who he is. My father says new artists don’t know where hip-hop came from,” added Trips.

The Harlem, New York brothers, who both graduated from Rice High School, are gearing up to release their album Money, Moet & Memories next month and credit themselves as pioneers of the style “new old school,” denoted by a “1990s flow” with a modern sound.

“I feel like we are nothing like today’s artists. Our style and the way we do music is different. It’s a new sound like when Drake came into the game he brought a new sound,” says Trips. “What makes us different from other artists is we are versatile” echoed Slim. “We have different styles and we make good music. We are not stuck to one dimension.”

While some might think that Square Off has it easy thanks to their dad, they assert that they’ve been grinding for years. “A lot of people think we might have had it easier because of our father, but we’ve been rapping since 11 and are still putting out mixtapes and still in the streets. It hasn’t been easy at all,” said Trips. “My father told us this industry is not built for weak people.”