Juvenile came up as one of the flagship artists for Cash Money Records, but the game ain’t the same for the Louisiana rapper. Juvy recently explained how money doesn’t flow like it used to, and that hip-hop artist aren’t the only ones feeling the sting.

“I wish it was making more money, man. I can’t judge cats out there who doing they thing,” he told Southern Smoke TV. “Of course, I’m a [Lil] Wayne fan first, and everybody else fall behind that. But it’s a whole lot of rap that’s not good rap out there. Probably better music than my era but they not getting paid for it. I wish there was another way we could get some revenue in. The show money ain’t even like it was because street niggas ain’t eating like they used to eat.” 

He continued by explaining the trickledown effect that low revenue can have on club owners. “It’s ugly all the way around,” he stated. “I’ll show you where it hurts us now. Of course, a lot of those cats are the cats who spend money on booking us shows and buying music. But when all that’s sold out, it kind of hurts man, especially the club owners saying they ain’t making no money because they ain’t selling no alcohol. All of that is kind of a trickledown effect for what’s going on right now.”

The former Hot Boys member most recently signed to Rap-A-Lot to release his next album.

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