According to the Associated Press, Louisiana rapper Juvenile was arrested in Sterlington, Louisiana over the weekend after being pulled over for speeding. Upon being pulled over the arresting officer detected the smell of marijuana and when asked about the scent Juvenile handed over a small bag of marijuana.

“He was very courteous and respectful as he could be,” Sterlington Police Sgt. Jacob Greer explained to the AP. “He asked me if I recognized him, and I said `No. Now if you were George Strait I’ll probably have recognized you.'”

On top of being charged with simple possession of marijuana Juvenile was also charged with driving with a suspended license.

Juvenile was released from jail after posting a $750 cash bond; he’s currently scheduled for an April 1 court date.

Last weekend’s arrest is just one of several arrests the rapper has dealt with in the last few years. Just last year Juvenile was arrested after police found marijuana in a home recording studio he was working in. The arrest resulted in three months in jail, six month’s probation, and a $250 fine.