Swizz Beatz is helping Alicia Keys celebrate her first Mother’s Day, but the stakes are high. As a giving person, the platinum producer explained that it’s hard for him to pick out a gift for his wife, and that she’d rather receive something more creative than materialistic.

“She wants something that’s probably not materialistic,” he told Hot 106’s Deanna Cruz. “She wants something that’s very creative and from the heart. And that’s it.” 

Though he’s got five things in mind for what to give the new mom, he doesn’t consider today to be the sole day to honor his baby’s momma. “Mother’s Day is every day. That’s me all day,” he continued. “Let me tell you what. I’m the best person that gives gift. That’s like the best thing ever. I love it. I’m very competitive when it comes to gifts. I’m a giving person.”

He reflected on previous gifts he’s given, including paintings for Christmas. “I did a lot of gifts already. I did the painting for Christmas. I did like three paintings, including my tattoo. So we painted out. You can’t use that one,” he said. “I got five different things. I’m very spontaneous though.”

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