Swizz Beatz recently revealed that he and his wife Alicia Keys have adopted an African village.

In an interview with VladTV.com, Swizz explained, “We adopted…Suweto. We went there…just to film the process of a particular lady and her daughter. She’s a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit. She’s HIV positive. We were filming the before-and-after effect of taking [certain] medications.”

Swizz continued, “They were filming giving the lady all these gifts and presents and food…I’m just there to support [Alicia]. I didn’t know that my wife did so many things in Africa. Like her face is in pictures in hospitals that she’s funded…I was like, ‘wow.'”

“I’m just sittin’ there, kickin’ it, talking to the locals. Mind you, they have no water, they have no heat, they have no electricity, they have tin houses. So I’m speaking to this one guy…and he was like, ‘This is beautiful what [you’re doing], but we have no water, we have no this, we have no that. We have no tools. How can we help better ourselves?'”

“And instead of being mad, disgruntled, ignorant, their vibe was like, super-zen.”

Swizz revealed that he and Alicia met with the government, and got approval to purchase container villages, which allow residents to have heat, hot water. In addition, the high-profile couple has started an initiative to give all the men in the village an education so that they can build a village and get jobs.

Watch the interview below: