A recently reunited Mobb Deep is making some beautiful music with Lady Luck. Prodigy and Havoc recently hit the lab with the Englewood, New Jersey rapstress to cook up a soul-inspired song, which could end up on the duo’s reunion LP.

In a recently released clip, Luck enters the booth first, spitting gruff rhymes about hurting the competition and revealing tidbit about her sexuality. “Stallions ride with it, stallions in the engine / Stylin’ with a vengeance on them hatin’ ass bitches / Keep me in the vision, ho, watch how I do this / On the tour to right now, stay on some new shit / Miss Exclusive, hotter than acoustic / Drunk at the venue, but on point like a pencil / My sexual preference is whatever you into,” she raps.

A recently liberated Prodigy is next to take the reigns, spitting about his three-year bid behind bars. “I did my crime, did my time, I’m gone / Off to the top like a rocket ship / And it’s off with your top if you poppin’ shit / I got billionaire friends, millionaire girls / Got the blocks on, I got the whole world,” he rhymes while looking at his notepad.

Havoc is the last up at bat, closing out the hearty tune. Watch the trio get busy in the studio below.

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