Three respected female emcees, The Lady of Rage [click to read], Babs and Lady Luck announced today that they’re working together on FEM (Females Earning Money) Movement. The trio, which will also include support from the likes of Amil and Rah Digga, is designed to become a pillar of successful females in the Hip Hop industry. The project is executive produced by Ed Lover and Uneek, of Bounce Squad fame.

This is the perfect time to
do a project like this,
” said Lover. “A lot of people have been wondering what happened
to the female emcees, well these ladies are about to prove that they
are here and they are better than ever! The FEM Movement is great for
the future of Hip Hop!
Babs, who’s fame largely came from the first season of Making The Band, added, “I’m
excited about the project. Each one of us brings something great and
different to the table and I’m ready to go in! We are all very
talented and we have all worked with major artists in the industry…
Rage with Dr. Dre and Snoop, Amil with Jay-Z, Luck with Def Jam and
and myself with Diddy. None of us are amateurs, but at the same
time we all still have something to prove.

The FEM Movement will begin later this year with a mixtape, hosted by Doo Wop.