Public Enemy took a unique approach to funding its latest album Most of Our Heroes Don’t Appear on a Stamp, asking fans to contribute to the process. Several years after announcing the unique project, Chuck D promises that the LP will finally see the light of day.

“There will be a new Public Enemy album. We are going to drop Most of Our Heroes Don’t Appear on a Stamp late next year,” he told The BoomBox. “We have never been in the music business to make friends. We’ve never been the type to kiss ass. We’ve always strived not to repeat ourselves album to album.”

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One of hip-hop’s most groundbreaking groups, Public Enemy announced the new album in October 2009, enlisting fans’ help to invest in the project through a website called Sellaband. They hit a roadblock in asking for $250,000, only making $71,000 by the end of the year. They later lowered their goal to $75,000.

“We have learned that the fan-funding model is still not fully developed and, as a result, a $250,000 fund-raising effort, while possible, will take too long to accomplish,” said the group in a statement at the time.

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