A Portuguese Hip Hop organization which goes by the name of the National Hip Hop Association (NHHA) may have a bit of explaining to do if allegations from a local writer are true.

According to Joana Nicolau, a Portuguese Hip-Hop blogger and journalist, the organization claims to have trademarks from the National Institute of Intellectual Property for the following words: New School, Old School, Popping, Locking, BBoy, BGirl, New Style, Old Style, Beatbox, Street Dance, Hip-Hop, MC, DJ, Graffiti, and Breakdance.

On top of claiming to have trademarks for the above words the NHHA are also charging those who wish to use any of the above words with a certification and licensing fee on top of requiring them to join their organization.

But according to the National Institute of Intellectual Property, the word “Hip-Hop” is a collective association trademark meaning the word is not registered and is free for use.

And the other Hip-Hop related words the NHHA is said to have trademarked are also not registered with the National Institute of Intellectual Property and are free for use.

The NHHA has yet to respond publicly to reports of their questionable trademark ownership.