Last week, emcee/producer Necro released a limited edition figurine available to fans as a collectible. However, Necro isn’t the only Hip Hop artist to have put out an action figure. This week, Complex counted out 20 toy figurines  released by rappers in the past, ranging from $6.23 (Common’s Terminator Salvation figurine) to $600 (MF Doom’s masked action figure). Others, including Ghostface Killah’s heftily priced doll and Rick Ross’ Teflon Don statue, are no longer available for purchase.

Complex also rated the toy figurines based on their likeness to their rapper counterparts. While the Rick Ross and Eminem figurines earned a 100% rating on resemblance, the Master P and Jay-Z dolls received low ratings on likeness (40% and 35% respectively). In fact, the latter doll was never released because of the stark difference between it and Jay.

Look at the entire list here.