The New Boyz are gearing up to release their latest project, Too Cool to Care, an album that will be released in early May to coincide with a school tour and a series of public service announcements. The young men who helped popularize the Jerk movement through their hit “You’re a Jerk,” are now looking to get in on the electro-pop craze. As a result, The Cataracts will be producing on the album and they have their hands on its first single, “Backseat.” However, you can also expect to find other producers on the boards. DJ Khalil, Bei Maejor and others will also be a part of this album also. 

As it turns out, New Boy Ben J says this will be a surprising project for many. 

“This album is very different from the first one,” he noted.  “We really wanted to show ourselves as creative artists.  A lot of people are going to be surprised.” 

Fans will be able to catch this change firsthand as the Boyz tour through schools. In addition to their tour, the group plans on having public service announcements based on individuality and creative expression, as Legacy explained. 

Too Cool To Care is not just an album, it’s a movement,” Legacy said in a statement. “It’s about how we’ve always gotten criticism from those who want to hate our fashion and style. But we’ve continued and will continue to do our thing and test our boundaries.” 

A track listing for the album is below. 

  1. Tough Kidz featuring Sabi
  2. Crush On You featuring YG
  3. Active Kings featuring Tyga
  4. I Don’t Care featuring Big Sean
  5. Porn Star
  6. Backseat featuring The Cataracs & Dev
  7. Meet My Mom
  8. Start Me Up
  9. Better With The Lights Off
  10. Magazine Girl
  11. Break My Bank featuring Iyaz
  12. Zonin’
  13. Let U Leave
  14. Can’t Nobody featuring Shanell
  15. Black Dress
  16. Beautiful Dancer featuring Charlie Wilson