Pusha T’s venture into solo artistry has not come without a price. Perhaps the biggest challenge the G.O.O.D. rapper has had to face is the separation from his brother and long time partner in music, Malice. Pusha’s newest mixtape, Fear of God , is a reflection of this temporary division and a bold statement that this younger sibling can stand on his own two feet. Pusha T recently explained how Malice’s decision to write the book, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor Blind & Naked, became the inspiration for his latest mixtape.

“I was ready to start a new album, after Til the Casket Drops,” he explained to Miss Info. “Malice said, ‘Nah I can’t right now.’ I was like, ‘You sure? You serious?’ He said, ‘I’m just gonna finish up this book. I want to get these thoughts out’…so when I started writing the first thing for Fear of God, it scared the hell outta me. My brother’s not there, [I thought]. Reality set in so quick, like after bar four.”

Malice’s decisions to focus on his book and religion are only a couple of reasons why Pusha T has moved into making music solo. While he said he felt alone without his older sibling, he also explained that the separation has allowed them to become competitive in their respective fields.

“My brother’s the realest. First of all, what you don’t realize is, him doing this book is just him slapping me again, telling me how much greater he is than me. ‘Cause he knows I could never write a book. I can’t do that. This book is the ultimate stunt…He’s always been the one in the verse that dug a little bit deeper. He’s always been that guy. He’s always had that perspective…that’s the amazing dynamic of the Clipse.”

Pusha T said that the Clipse will indeed be releasing a new album in the near future.