Killer Mike’s Grind Time Official Facebook page posted a video on our wall last night of Killer Mike performing at Center Stage in Atlanta. What is notable about the performance is Mike’s words for 50 Cent.

“In case you motherfuckers didn’t know, and you get to talkin’ ’bout ‘he used 50 beat’, no the fuck I didn’t. 50 heard my shit and said ‘that’s dope, I wanna use it too.’ So disrespectful, let’s go,” Killa Kill shouted.

What Mike is referring to is 50 Cent’s “So Disrespectful” from 2009’s Before I Self Destruct using the same beat as “Pressure,” which is he performing in the video. The Atlanta native’s song came out nearly a year and a half before 50’s. 

Interestingly enough, the producer responsible for both songs is Tha Bizness. Considering that Mike is working with him again on Pl3dge, it appears Fif may be guilty of knowingly stealing the beat.