Legendary Hip Hop personality, filmmaker and pioneer Fab 5 Freddy has been brought in to be the first artist-in-residence at the Cosmopolitan hotel’s P3 Studio.

According to juxtapoz.com, the Las Vegas hotel now houses Fab’s work, a “series of photographs of celebrated boxers and anonymous show girls” which “are enlarged, digitally altered and printed on canvas, then adorned with Swarovski crystals.”

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Says Fab 5 Freddy of his new work, titled “Crystal Punch”: “These pieces are about light and the movement of the viewer, part of a narrative set on a Kabuki like stage where these boxing gladiators are newly illuminated, a reflection of the gloss on their lifestyle and sport.  And the crystals add glow and power to these iconic women, set on the same stage.”

While Fab 5 Freddy’s career has taken him to Vegas, his roots began in New York, where he produced and starred in the cult film Wild Style. He later became a host for the MTV show, “YO! MTV Raps.”