Eminem says that when he presented “I Need A Doctor” to Dr. Dre, he had one simple goal in mind. It’s the same goal many fans have had for the better part of the last decade.

“Obviously, my whole career, especially in the beginning but even until this day, is always to get a reaction out of Dre,” Eminem explained in an interview with “Extra.” “The reaction I wanted was to spark him even more than he’s been sparked lately and get him to finish the album.”

After the pair performed the collaboration at the Grammy Awards earlier in February, the big-budgeted video for “I Need A Doctor” premiered on MTV Thursday. The clip, which is nearly eight minutes long, features Eminem helping Dre recover from a coma caused by a near-fatal car accident.

Eminem confirmed that the scenes featuring Dre in a coma represent both himself and Hip Hip attempting to wake up Dre. While laughing at his protégé during the ”Extra” interview, Dre said the song did indeed spark him to move forward with his swan song, which has been nearly a decade in the making.

“This song and this video is like the rebirth of something,” Dre added. “Maybe the rebirth of me going to whatever the future holds. It’s weird because that’s how I started feeling during the making of this video. With the rehabilitation and everything it really just feels that way.”