With iPhone’s recent jump to Verizon mobile services, apps will prove increasingly popular as more and more people flock to Apple’s popular gadget. Now, Billboard is looking to get in on the iPhone app business, as the record sales chart tracking conglomerate launched its Billboard Chart App last Thursday.

The Billboard Chart App features the company’s 15 influential music sales charts in addition to genre rankings and ringtones. The app updates each of Billboard’s charts on a weekly basis, allowing listeners to track their favorite albums’ sales over time. It will also offer 60 years worth of album chart history and 30 second music snippets, both of which can be searched by artist, album or song.

“Our charts are already a huge draw on Billboard.com, whether for music discovery or as a measure of popularity, so it makes sense to apply them to the easy navigation of the iPhone, where users can access them on-the-go…[t]his app is the entire history of Billboard charting at your fingertips,” said Billboard’s Editorial Director Bill Werde.

Billboard also reached out to a number of today’s top musicians, including Ne-Yo and Raheem DeVaughn, to test the app. A video of the interviews can be seen below. The also gave a sneak peek screen shot on the app in action.

The Billboard Chart App is currently available for $1.99 via iTunes.

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