Consequence has finally fully explained why he put labelmate Pusha T on blast for what he claims to be plagiarism on Pusha’s latest song “My God.” Cons took to Twitter this past week to speak out on rappers “stealing my lines.”

Pusha T flippantly brushed off the accusations, assuring, “I haven’t taken anything from Consequence, or anybody else for that matter.” Well, now Cons has taken to KarmaloopTV to explain why he thinks Pusha bit his lyrics.

“I had a record called ‘Last Supper’ that Kanye [West] wanted me to get Pusha to do a verse on when ‘everything was everything,'” Cons said. “So naturally I gave him my record, him being at the time my labelmate. Not to mention, I’ve known Pusha longer than I’ve known Kanye, for the record.”

He said that the record hadn’t been touched during the next few months, as he’d been busy with other projects. However, after hearing Pusha’s “My God” online, he claims he heard similarities with his own “Last Supper.”

“[My God’s] beat is good, the first verse, cool. [I thought], ‘He’s doing his Pusha thing, word!’ So we get through to the second verse and I hear ‘It’s the last supper for you niggas, just the picture repainted.’ So I’m like, hold up, my record had went, ‘Cudi got the kids, Cons got the streets, ‘Ye got the globe, so we all going to eat/it’s the last supper for you muthafuckas, I don’t make a promise I can’t keep.'”

Cons seems to have taken issue with the line “it’s the last supper,” and suggests that Pusha T’s use of it comes directly from the record that had been given to him. Pusha T has not yet responded to Consequences recent claims.