Consequence appears to have taken issue with Pusha T’s latest song, “My God.”

Taking to his Twitter account (@itsthecons), the rapper at first vaguely asserted that he has inspired many, and that emcees “keep emulating my yesterday flows.”

There was no mistaking the reference in his next Tweet, however, as Consequence referred to Pusha’s new song directly by name:

‘My God’ I wish these CLOWNS would stop stealing my lines…about 21 hours ago via web

Consequence added that he expects more from certain rappers, electing not to mention anyone by name.

If thing you should know about is I tell the TRUTH… So if I bother to talk about something, it’s 100 not 99 or 75 or 50 nah 100about 20 hours ago via web

Reportedly, the song Consequence believes was bitten is an unreleased track titled “The Last Supper.”