Grammy hangover, good people. We are still fuming that Keith “Guru” Elam was not mentioned during the In Memoriam, but we’ll cope. Hip Hop never forgets. Beyond that, it was cool to see Dr. Dre on national television again (as Diet Dr. Pepper is presently on the desk) and salute to Eminem, Jay-Z and The Roots & John Legend. Here’s some cool stuff we found online this weekend…


We aren’t sure we agreed with Araabmuzik when he said that Kanye West bit him, but we think The Diplomats’ secret weapon is certifiably dope. Cam’ron had been talking about dude for the last two years, but anybody who’s seen Araab’s live set knows that this guy is more than just a beat-maker who sends MP3s to rappers. The New York Times’ Jon Carmanica broke down a dope history of Akai’s drum machine/sampler. It’s cool to see names like Jel (of Anticon fame), DJ Shadow and Solillaquists of Sound mentioned in the paper of record. Quality read…

Read “The MPC Gives Hip-Hop The Beat, No Drum In Sight” here.

Aziz Ansari Recalls A Fail

Ever since the 2006 PLUG Awards, we’ve been a fan of Aziz Ansari (who hosted the event). The dude loves Hip Hop, and his R. Kelly impersonation is priceless. The rising star told Jimmy Fallon a hilarious story about crossing paths with Jay-Z. (What would “Randy” have done?)

Kanye West & Kid Cudi Do Fashion Week

If you wondered where ‘Ye was last night, Esquire‘s got it for you. It’s cool to see ‘Ye and Kid Cudi doing this together. We’re pretty sure that next year, Kanye won’t miss the Grammy’s.

Read “Kanye West Fashion Week 2011” here.

Parting Shots:

Baseball’s Spring Training is starting. DX’s staff includes Dodgers, Phillies, and Pirates fans. We thought we’d share this oldie-but-goodie that’s been making us laugh through the last week. True story too… R.I.P. to Dock Ellis.