In a culture where biting has always been frowned upon, Araab Muzik has recently said Kanye West bit his style. In an interview with, Araab noted that after doing some work in the studio, West took his style and ran with it on stage. Araab, who calls himself “the MVP of the MPC” is saying that West saw his work on an MPC player and decided to do the same type of routine as part of his live show. 

“That nigga went and jacked my whole shit,” Araab said. “Hell yeah…He started doing the shit I do. That nigga went on the VMA’s doing that,” he said. “I’m disgusted. There was no need for him to do that.”

Araab Muzik is best known for his work with Cam’ron, producing extensively on last year’s Crime Pays album. Earlier this year, Diplomats emcees Cam’ron and Jim Jones also voiced displeasure with Kanye West, on their rendition of “Runaway.”