Cee-Lo will be featured prominently at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 13) – both as a performer and as a nominee.

However, the rapper/singer does need some clarification on his nominations, it turns out. Vibe.com spoke to Cee-Lo, who is nominated for both “Record of the Year” and “Song of the Year” for his smash hit, “Fuck You.”

“And I’ll be honest, I don’t even know the difference between the two,” says Cee-Lo of the nominations. “But I was really surprised by the whole thing. I didn’t even know the song could be considered. The song was only out for a short while [before it got nominated] but I guess it performed well enough for it to be considered. I guess I was just surprised anyone noticed.”

The song is from Cee-Lo’s 2010 release Lady Killer, which may be getting the sequel treatment. “I have an awful lot of material left over that didn’t make the album,” he explained. “So I think that one of the most cost-efficient things I can do right now is put out something like Lady Killer 2. You know, the director’s cut or whatever.”