The Life Files TV recently caught up with rapper Shyne as the 34-year-old, Belize-born artist toured the holy land of Jerusalem. In his interview Shyne spoke on his time spent in prison and how it doesn’t compare to the struggles facing the people of Jerusalem.

“A lot of times people ask me ‘Man yo, how you [did] 10 years? How you did it?’ To be here they suffering more than I could ever suffer in the jail,” Shyne explained. “People killing themselves because they hopeless and they got nothing to live for. So things like this. This is it. We here. And I been in some wars in Brooklyn Vietnam, but ain’t nothing like down here. It’s happening. It’s happening wherever you go. That’s one thing human beings all have in common and that’s that thread of pain.”

The Life Files TV traveled with Shyne to various religious locations, joined him as he visited a local club, and even recorded Shyne while he took part in an impromptu performance for a couple of fans while in Jerusalem.

“Music is not a hit record. Music is not something to necessarily bang in the club,” said Shyne. “First and foremost music is that Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix. Just talk about they pain. Singing about they pain. Aretha Franklin singing about poverty. Ray Charles taking church music and turning it into something else. That’s what music was. It was an expression. So when it comes to music for me man it’s a gift that I can get compensated for something that I love so much.”

Aside from music and his time spent in Jerusalem Shyne also spoke on whether or not he would one day return to Brooklyn.

“Absolutely, we gon’ step back [in] that New York asphalt,” said Shyne when asked if he would return to Brooklyn. “Show out the way we know how to. I know that nothing I do is decided by me, everything is divine intervention.”