By working with the likes of Jay-Z, Mike Shinoda, Snoop Dogg and Unkle, Lupe Fiasco has created a diverse group of fans. And when fans from somewhat dissimilar groups take Lupe to task their enthusiasm can quickly turn into criticism. When talking with Richie Hardcore of Auckland, New Zealand’s 95bFM, the Chicago emcee said he welcomes the contradiction—real or perceived—of working with an artist like Snoop Dogg.

“There’s definitely a hypocrisy to the situation,” Lupe explained. Whether justified or not, Lupe Fiasco was been branded with the label of a conscious emcee right before signing with Atlantic. Those who think Lupe’s previously unreleased mixtape material, such as “Gangsta (Up In Here),” is closer to Snoop Dogg than A Tribe Called Quest may have a valid argument.

“But there’s also the human duality—we’re walking contradictions,” Lupe added. “I’ll critique the world Snoop Dogg paints with his Snoop Dogg brush. But, I’ll know the song that he used to paint that world by heart, and I’ll dance to it when it comes on. And I actually like Snoop Dogg—as a person, as a rapper, as a businessman and an individual. I love Snoop.”

Lupe added that his upcoming track, “Words I Never Said,” has an angry tone to it, and when combined with some of the more melodic singles. According to Lupe, he and his A&R fought hard to make sure the song was included on Lasers because it gave the album a voice. “Words I Never Said” will premiere on February 1, while the Lasers album will be released on March 8.