Black Eyed Peas lead emcee has joined the list of President Obama supporters who would like to see and hear more action from the Oval Office. While discussing the Peas upcoming Super Bowl XLV halftime performance, Will reflected on his initial support of Obama, which included creating the 2008 song “Yes We Can.”

“I don’t want to hope anymore,” Will said, in reference to then-Senator Obama’s campaign slogan. “I don’t think we should hope anymore. We hoped enough. Now we have to do. We all have to do now.”, John Legend, Common and dozens of celebrities appeared in “Yes We Can,” which sampled and reinterpreted Obama’s New Hampshire Primary speech. After creating the song, Will said he was inspired because, “that speech made me think of Martin Luther King…” The song went on to win an Emmy Award, and Obama won the election, becoming America’s forty-fourth president. After a wave of economic decline, senate turnover, low approval ratings, “Birthers” and Tea Party race-baiting, Deborah Solomon asked if he too was disappointed in President Obama.

“I don’t feel disappointed,” Will added. “I feel like, ‘Argggh! Speak louder!’ I feel like, Do something! I feel like jumping in.”

The full interview, including’s thoughts on the Black Eyed Peas upcoming Super Bowl performance and gun control legislation is available via the New York Times website.