One would think that Plies learned his lesson after his entourage shot into a live crowd in 2006, landing the rapper in hot water.

Not so, it seems, as the man born Algernod Washington reportedly threatened his crowd during a recent performance, perhaps encouraged by the dismissal of a civil suit stemming from the aforementioned incident.

According to, after the Florida rapper was hit with a cup while performing, he went on an angry tirade, threatening violence.

“I swear to God, next [person] to throw something up here, I’ma shoot this bitch up in here right now!” promised Plies, who was greeted with cheers. “Next bitch that throw something up here, they gon’ get it, bro.”

Other Plies concerts have been similarly tumultuous, with a councilman attempting to ban rap music and concerts in 2009 following a stabbing at one of the rappers’ shows.

Footage of the threat can be seen below: