50 Cent is no stranger to investments, as the multiplatinum emcee has made much of his considerable fortune via his stake in Vitamin Water.

Now, the Queens rapper has revealed his latest foray into business: an investment in TVGoods, a direct marketing company selling directly to consumers on networks such as HSN and QVC. They company also sells in retail outlets, and online.

Fif took to Twitter (@50 Cent) to make his announcement:


This me and steve from TVG I invested in TVG. If you can by stock in it. I don’t care If its only 500 dollars http://plixi.com/p/685365649:41 PM Jan 7th via ÜberTwitter

The company has reportedly managed over 500 infomercial spots, which have generated over $4 billion in revenue. Owned by H&H Imports, Inc., TVGoods also controls MilitaryShoppingChannel.com.

Among the items the company is selling on their website, tvgoodsinc.com, are the LiarCard, Aloe MED and the iHeater.