TMZ reports T.I. was given a reprimand and sent to a special housing unit in the Arkansas Prison he is serving time at, after his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris violated visiting procedure. According to multiple accounts, Harris violated a prison guideline, which allows for kissing, embracing and holding hands but mandates the inmates hands must be in plain view of visiting room staff at all times.

Without going into unnecessary detail, the report implies Mrs. Harris was the one who violated the visitation policy when her hands disappeared from view while getting affectionate with T.I. Such acts are generally allowed during some penal facilities’ conjugal visits, but not during regular visiting hours. Essentially, the special housing unit involves more security and less freedom than a regular prison cell. Harris told TMZ she has not heard from T.I. since her visit was presumably ended by the violation. T.I. is scheduled to be released in October, but could end up serving more or less time as determined by the court.