Shady Records artist Ca$his was one of the emcees featured on the recently-leaked track “Syllables,” which contains quite the lineup with Eminem, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Stat Quo.

In a brief interview with, the rapper discussed recording the track – back in 2007. “‘Syllables’ was cut a couple of years ago…I think it was going to be for one of Em’s albums or Detox.”

“When we first recorded it, the hook wasn’t even the same,” explained Ca$his. “It went something like ‘Happy Birthday…’ But when I heard it this time, I thought it was ridiculous and even better.”

Ca$his continued to detail the recording process. “I laid my part at Dre’s studio with Stat, 50, and Em. I heard that Jay had just left when I got there. Fif’ was there kicking his verse in another room when I did mine.”

“I was more so excited than intimidated because I already had held my own with Em, and I think they believed in me this time. After I kicked my verse, Em, Dre, and 50 all said it was dope. That was the cosign I needed. I learned more from that session than any other before that.”

Ca$his added that he is prepping his next mixtape, Shady Loyalty 1st for a late January of February release, which will be followed by his full-length debut album, Youth In Asia.