Producer IMAKEMADBEATS has joined forces with rapper MidaZ The Beast for “Flyers” the next single from IMAKEMADBEATS’ dual-EP Daylight/Nightlight.

On “Flyers” MidaZ expresses his frustration with the way artists are treated by both promoters and fans. IMAKEMADBEATS revealed that the song was actually inspired by rapper Method Man’s “Torture.”

“I’ll never forget Method Man’s ‘Torture,’” IMAKEMADBEATS explained. “In it, he said, ‘Say what you like, just spell my name right.’ This song is dedicated to people who don’t respect you enough to spell your name right.”

Both Daylight and Nightlight are currently available for download.

In other news, Hieroglyphics have partnered with Bay Area brand GOLDCOIN for the “micro product line” the Hieroman Collection.

The Hieroman Collection consists of five different products including two different t-shirts, a wooden keychain, wooden necklace, and vinyl toy.

The Hieroman Collection can be viewed at