Hopefully DX readers had a happy, safe holiday season, as we enjoy the last week of this great year for music. Holiday party hangovers in tact, the Editorial staff is back like we forgot something, and wanted to share a couple cool online findings with our beloved.

Rapheal Saadiq’s Studio Photographs

With so much Hip Hop going on, it’s often difficult for us to cover outside genres. However, this staff is avid fans of most types of music. One of our favorite artists in Rapheal Saadiq, and has been through Lucy Pearl, going back to the TTT days. From his amazing work with Q-Tip, Ali, DJ Quik and others, he’s easily a Rap fan’s favorite. Anthony Valdez recently snapped some really beautiful photographs of Raf’s studio – and it’s interesting to see the tribute he plays to J Dilla. It’s pretty cool to see Jay Dee memorialized alongside Jim Morrison and The Rolling Stones. We can’t wait to hear the album that this is inspiring too. As a bonus, had to post the Dilla x Lucy Pearl remix, which Gold Dust re-released on CD last year on their dope Dillanthology volumes.

Check out Anthony Valdez’ photographs of Rapheal Saadiq’s recording studio here.

Lex Luger Profiled

One of staff’s favorite producers this year was Lex Luger – and he very nearly made it to our Year End Awards in several categories. Producing great stuff for Rick Ross and Waka Flocka Flame, this is the guy who makes us want to put subs back in the trunk like the ’90s. Still, not much is known about Lex, besides his shit bangs. Ben Westhoff, a really fantastic writer for numerous publications, changed that.

Read “Lex Luger: The Teen Who Made Rap Hard Again” here.

Rev Run Explains “Christmas In Hollis”

For about the last month, Run-DMC’s Raising Hell has been on the turntable in our Editor-in-Chief’s livingroom. That might not change anytime soon, but “Christmas In Hollis” was only heard once this holiday season, and that sucked. At his brother Russell’s GlobalGrind.com site, Run explained what prompted him to write Rap’s greatest holiday record, and how he feels about Kanye West and Dipset’s “Christmas In Harlem.” Really interesting stuff.

Read “Rev Run & The Magic of Christmas” here.

As a bonus, The Village Voice posted their annual NSFW (that’s Not Safe For Work for new-heads) photo gallery from the year. We can’t say anybody will appreciate all of it, but it damn sure made our Monday better.

Browse The Village Voice‘s “2010 in NSFW Photos” here.