On December 15, former Bad Boy rapper Trevell “G-Dep” Coleman walked into the 25th police precinct and confessed to murdering John Henkel in 1993. Coleman was quickly indicted by a grand jury. And while Coleman’s lawyer says his client was unburdening himself as part of a 12-step drug rehabilitation program, members of the victim’s family have decidedly different opinions on the confession.

“I think he’s an idiot,” Robert Henkel, the stepbrother of G-Dep’s shooting victim told the New York Post. “He has three kids and a wife. It was years and years and years ago. Finally, we’re not always thinking about it . . . and now it has to be dug up all again.”

G-Dep recently appeared on the Chi King single “On My Way.” John Gornbein, the CEO of Protekted Records—the label Chi King is signed to—has offered to donate a portion of the sales from “On My Way” to the surviving members of the Henkel’s family.