It seems at least someone in the “DMV” area isn’t a fan of Wale.

Baltimore emcee Bossman, known particularly for his 2004 song “Off Da Record,” had some unflattering words for the Washington, D.C. native in his song “No Hands.”

Wale called into Baltimore Hip Hop radio station 92Q, clearly agitated at both the station and the rapper.

“What’s up with all that bullshit niggas is talking on the air?” shouted Wale at radio hosts, who attempted to deflect blame to Bossman. “I ain’t never had no problem with nobody, and ya’ll the ones to start some bullshit?”

“I ain’t never disrespected none of ya’ll niggas before! And this shit a fuckin’ joke to y’all?!” Said Wale, before demanding that Bossman be put on the phone, and accusing 92Q of dissing him behind his back.

The deejays failed to placate the rapper, who said he would come to visit the station the next day to hash out their differences.

Listen to the interview below: