Although Atlanta producer Bangladesh and rapper Lil Wayne were once at odds with each other the two artists have now put differences aside due to the Bangladesh-produced track “6’7.” The beat for “6’7” was produced by Bangladesh and is also the first single off of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV.

Issues between Lil Wayne and Bangladesh reached its peak when Bangladesh claimed that he was owed $500,000 in royalties for “A Milli.”

“I wasn’t getting paid royalties, that was the issue. But recently it’s been cleared up and everything that’s owed will be paid out and everything in the future will be handled properly,” Bangladesh explained to “It wasn’t me who made this decision, Lil Wayne wanted these beats, because I didn’t know what the relationship was.”

Ironically, the beat for “6’7” was actually intended for Atlanta rapper T.I. but when T.I. wasn’t interested the Atlantic Records exec who the beat was sent to, who also co-manages Lil Wayne, thought the beat would be a good fit for Tha Carter IV.

“Due to the situation and the circumstances of the Cash Money situation, I really wasn’t thinking about Wayne at that moment when I made it,” Bangladesh told “I just knew that the beat was a big track and I couldn’t at the time think of nobody that could swag this out like that or was worthy enough of this beat really. I was actually sending the beat to Gee [Roberson, Atlantic Records executive] for T.I. I mean, not that I think T.I. would sound good on the beat, they were just looking for a single and somebody said, ‘Man, send that to Gee; T.I. need something.'”