Mack Maine has revealed that Lil Wayne isn’t yet out of the doghouse following his pending release from Rikers.

In an interview with, the Young Money president spoke about how what the rapper’s return home would be like. “It’s like picking up a king. We gonna make sure everything is straight; jets and luxury cars, red carpet and probably beautiful women and just make sure that he’s [treated like] straight royalty. We ain’t gonna have the whole family up. The bosses are gonna be there and the immediate family. We gonna do it how we do it from there.”

Mack Maine then explained that after the celebration, it’d be back to business. “Straight from there we’ll probably shoot to Miami, or we might go straight to Arizona. He has court on the 5th. We’ll go to court and then we’ll probably be shooting to the next city on the 7th, which is that Sunday.”

In related news, Birdman has told Rolling Stone magazine that Wayne has returned to physically writing his rhymes. “He hasn’t written out rhymes since the Hot Boys,” he explained. “There’s a different swagger coming from Wayne, different things to talk about.”

“He’s our super superstar, he’s our Michael Jackson.” added Birdman. “We did great while he was gone, and I know we’re going to do even better when he comes home.”