There has been speculation for over a year that Eminem’s Shady Records was going to ink the lyrical supergroup Slaughterhouse to a deal. Joe Budden, who has been the most forthcoming about the situation, told MTV that the deal is still not done.

“The deal is not done. If everything goes according to plan, [then] hopefully. [It’s] too premature for me to speak on,” said Budden. In April Royce told fans that the deal was a week from being done, obviously that was not the case. In late October Budden verified the deal wasn’t done, but did give the album a tentative release date. Until the ink the is dry, the questions will keep coming.

“I’ve been answering that same question for a … year and change. Maybe ever since the Drake “Forever” video … when Slaughterhouse was standing with Eminem, I’ve been answering Eminem questions,” he said. “Eminem is a whole ‘nother entity, the guy’s nominated for 10 Grammys.”

Budden, who teamed up with his former nemesis Saigon, went on to talk about Em’s dedication to Hip Hop. “Em, to be as successful as he is, and I’ll just tell this to anybody with two ears, or one ear, for that matter, is just one of the most supportive hip-hop people that I’ve met,” Budden said. “He’s really, really just into hip-hop and rap and lyrics. He’s just really into all of the things that group was built around.”