After meddling in a verbal battle last year that spawned a handful of memorable beef records, Joe Budden says he plans to jump on a remix version of Saigon’s “Bring Me Down,” which serves as the first single from Saigon’s debut album The Greatest Story Never Told.

“I love that record,” Budden told In January of 2009, the two emcees went back and forth over wax after Joe Budden had referenced Saigon’s Hot 97 incident with Mobb Deep’s Prodigy in a freestyle. They since have worked out their differences with this new record serving as a formal truce between the two. Originally produced by DJ Corbett, the Joe Budden-assisted version of “Bring Me Down” will reportedly be remixed by Just Blaze.

“I think it’s good for Hip Hop to see two brothers that were duking it out for all this time to make something epic and classic,” said Saigon. “I always thought he was one of the more talented emcees. I look at it like you’d rather have a good guy on your team than play against them. I’m sure Dwayne Wade is happy he could pass the ball to Lebron [James] now, instead of trying to have to block one of those thunderous dunks. The timing is perfect.”

The Greatest Story Never Told is scheduled for a February 15th release date through Suburban Noize Records.  

In other news, rapper Shyne’s SUV was nearly burned to its frame earlier this week in the Vista Del Mar suburb of Belize City, Belize.

According to 7 News Belize, the 2009 Land Rover Defender was discovered Monday morning with “irreparable damage to the top of the vehicle.” With no leads, investigators are treating this as a case of arson. Shyne, who is currently living in Israel, was unavailable for comment.