2010 has been a year of many things for hip-hop, and rappers on Twitter ranks up there. As Twitter dropped their 2010 Trends List, Drake reigned supreme at #2 on the Top 10 Most Retweeted List, losing only to Stephen Colbert. Drake even beat out his Young Money godfather Lil Wayne, who ranked #3 on the list.

Drake, who Tweets as @drakkardnoir, is known for plenty of Mr. Sensitivity tweets like “I know you’re the one…the cloest I’ve come” and “I did not become someone different…that I did not want to be. But I’m new here…can you show me around?” to which his many adoring fans and those in need of a good quote will spread throughout the Twitterverse. Other residents on the Top Retweeted List include Kanye West, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. 2010 was a big enough year for Drake already, as his debut solo album Thank Me Later earned him a top spot on the Billboard charts and is certified Platinum plus.

The Twitter Trends list also brought some surprises to the table, including an appearance by Lil’ Kim. The Queen Bee sat at the #5 throne of Twitter’s “People” list, sharing space with Mel Gibson and Justin Bieber, who earned the #1 spot.

With Twitter Trend results including so many rappers, it’s indicative of Hip-Hop’s gradual move into the world of technology.