On Wednesday, December 8 Houston rapper Slim Thug Tweeted about an in-flight ordeal involving a crazed passenger on a Continental flight from San Jose, California.

According to Slim Thug, the man tried to open the exit door after breaking one of the windows on the plane.

“So I’m sleep on this early morning flight back to the H why we just had an emergency landing some dude tried to open the exit door,” Slim Thug Tweeted. “Why we was up in the air and the dam fool cracked a window on the plane WTF smfh and I was sleep through it all.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the man may have been suicidal. Once taken off the plane the man was then handed to the FBI who are now handling the case.

Aside from Tweeting about the incident Slim Thug also recorded a video of the man being carried off the plane by authorities.