Nicki Minaj recently flew to her birthplace of Trinidad to perform during the island country’s “Localise Itt” concert. Two months after the show, however, government officials are being criticized for the $825,000 they spent sponsoring the event, $382,000 of which they paid to have Minaj perform.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Sport and Youth Affairs Minister Anil Roberts said that the government does not regret spending money to have Minaj perform, as it will symbolically encourage citizens to purchase local goods and products by promoting Trinidadian culture. He also broke down how much was actually spent, including $150,000 for advertising, $40,000 for local acts, and $60,343 for lodging for Minaj and her camp.

“Five weeks before the concert, the Localise Itt concept was only in my head and I shared it with the Cabinet,” said Roberts. “Now, Localise Itt is on everyone’s lips.” However, he is being criticized because of suggestions that the money spent on the Nicki Minaj concert has made it difficult for the government to sponsor other local events.

The concert is featured in MTV’s recent documentary about Nicki Minaj, and her trip to Trinidad.