Death Row Records co-founder Marion “Suge” Knight once boasted to the Los Angeles Times that he owned dozens of cars. With Bentleys, a nightclub, jewelry and even the Las Vegas mansion used in the film Casino, the onetime mogul was long viewed as a pillar of Rap wealth. After bankruptcy filings, lawsuits and losing his label’s masters, Knight is believed to be on hard times.

The Compton, California native’s possessions were sold on the new A&E network show Storage Wars. The show’s premise finds buyers purchasing storage lockers sight-unseen and determining their contents value for sale. According to website Fame Crawler, one of those lockers contained items intended for auction, belonging to Suge Knight.

There is not yet announcement of when the episode will air. In 2008, there was an auction of items belonging to the label exec, including promotional goods, furniture and clothing. Among bidders was popular west coast deejay/videographer DJ Skee. (December 3)

UPDATE: Storage Wars has uploaded a portion of the episode for YouTube viewing: