While the world waits for Slaughterhouse to officially sign to Shady Records, the foursome will drop a six song EP on E1 next month to tide fans over. Originally supposed to drop on August 31, the Extended Player will now hit the shelves on January 25

The EP will feature the groups critically acclaimed Kickdrums-produced “Move On,” which was strangely absent from their debut. Aside from the unkown bonus track, all five other songs leaked online long ago, some back in 2008. 

1. Fight Club
2. Wack MC’s
3. Back On The Scene
4. The One (Remix) (feat. Bun B)
5. Move On
6. Bonus Song

Amazon has the image below as the album art, but given the dimensions and E1 using it as a promo picture, it likely isn’t the final cover.

(December 2)

UPDATE: According to Amazon.com, the EP is now scheduled for February 8, 2011.

(January 3, 2011)

UPDATE #2: A revised tracklisting has been revealed via iTunes. The new line up includes The L.O.X., Black Sheep’s Dres and Iffy.

1. Back On The Scene (feat. Dres)
2. Sun Doobie
3. Everybody Down
4. Put Some Money On It (Remix) (feat. The L.O.X.)
5. Fight Club (Remix)
6. Move On (Remix) (feat. Iffy)

(January 12)

UPDATE #3: After releasing a new tracklisting for their delayed EP last week, Slaughterhouse has now got new artwork to go with it. Not completely new though, fans will recognize it as a variation of previously used art.