Though fans wait with baited breath for Slaughterhouse to finally sign to Shady Records, Joe Budden has revealed that the two camps are busy recording in the studio.

Via his JoeBuddenOffTV youtube channel, Budden spoke about a new track Slaughterhouse is recording with Shady.

“I feel like it’s not fair, because he can do so many different things with his voice,” said Budden (presumably of Eminem), recording from the studio, while an unnamed beat played in the background. “Everybody did they verse already. Em did his verse first, Royce heard it first, did his second, then Crook did his, and them Em rewrote his.”

“Joell’s is done,” continued Budden, who added incredulously, “but I think he might be rewriting his.”

“It wouldn’t be as difficult to do a song with Jay-Z, because he’s just an incredible rapper,” explained Joe. “Eminem, he can give you 20 different voices, he can to 20 million different things in a verse. It’s not really about incredible rapping with him. I think I’m an incredible rapper; I put my rapping up against anybody else’s rapping. But it’s more than rapping with Eminem.”