Lupe Fiasco seems to have come to fellow Chicago rapper Kanye West’s aid in insulting former President George Bush, despite the fact that Kanye’s insult came in 2005, and was actually followed by a recent apology.

Maaaaaaaaaan… fuck bush!less than a minute ago via Echofon

That nigga was a tyrant and a menace! American Imperialist and terrorist! Supported financial chicanery and illegal wars…fuck him!less than a minute ago via Echofon

Lupe proceeded to throw more support in Kanye’s corner, Tweeting, “Till @kanyewest is responsible for the deaths of Hundreds Of Thousands of people he good in my book.”

Even the Tea Party was thrown into the fray, despite the fact that political group is not affiliated with George W. Bush. “The Tea Party Don’t Like Black People!!” You mad doggy?” Tweeted Lupe, echoing Kanye’s 2005 sentiment that “George Bush does not care about black people.”

In a recent interview, the former president revealed that he considered Kanye’s public statement to be the low point of his tenure in office.