Ford has allowed Funkmaster Flex and Snoop Dogg to unite with a new project. The project, however, is not about music. Ford has enlisted Flex for his skills in customizing cars and they have asked him to customize a 2011 Mustang GT for The Doggfather. 

Featuring Baurtwell custom taillights and a 3dCarbon body kit, the Mustang also has new features that allow it to reach 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. Of course, Flex made sure the car was painted blue for Snoop. Both artists signed autographs and greeted fans in Las Vegas, where they were at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show.   

Those expecting to get close to the car may have a hard time doing so. The whip is a one of a kind piece made specifically for Snoop. 

Rappers are not new to customizing Mustangs. Nelly also showed his appreciation for the vehicle when he unveiled his customized Mustang early this year.